Article provided by: ElecDirect

4100C7WFinding a quality 4100C7W Pin & Sleeve Connector is not easy. ElecDirect carries the 4100C7W 100 AMP 3-phase 480 vac 3P 4W IP67 Watertight connector at an unbeatable price you just won’t find anywhere else.

The 4100C7W is manufactured in Italy for the highest possible standards, so you can rest easy knowing your connector is going to stand the test of time. The watertight design and construction of the 4100C7W meet stringent IP67 internal protection standards, while its rugged thermoplastic housing resists impact and abuse, providing exceptional corrosion resistance.

You’ll find the 4100C7W offers superior cable retention and watertight conductor termination due to its unique Scale strain relief grip and ealing system. This product is perfect for outdoor applications, as well as wet marine and wash down applications. Patented Snap-on handle locking and cable grip allow 75% faster assembly. Take a closer look at a few of the features of the 4100C7W:

- You won’t need tools or screws to assemble. The unique Snap-on assembly features on the 16A, 20A, 30A and 32A plugs and connectors ensures your installation and inspections are fast and reliable. Handles contain captive gaskets that seal out water, chemicals and dust.

- Single wiring point access saves valuable time during wiring. You’ll appreciate how all terminal screws face the same direction, allowing safe and secure conductor terminations in 30% less time. Color-coded, rugged, corrosion-free thermoplastic housings for exceptionally safe and reliable connection to other mating types and polarizations with raised earth terminal standard.

- Assembly is fast and easy with the simple cable clamping on the 16/32A and 20/30A devices. The 4100C7W’s one-piece lock screw verifies the clamp locking hold.

- Nothing else is like the 4100C7W, with its one-piece cable gland with locking screw that loads to cable followed by cable grip 6-finger cable clamp/grip piece. Its watertight O-ring bushing will fit a wide range of outside diameters.

- Unique heart contacts make first, break last, allowing a very safe connection, even under load.

- The 4100C7W features a watertight, spring-loaded cover with high strength flex-hinge screw covers, referred to as The Performance Connection- for a very good reason. If performance is what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed.

- With no internal clamps required, the 4100C7W with its grip cable flexible “6-finger” clamp teeth hold well beyond all of the agency’s test pull-out forces. This unit has been put through the ringer and has come out like a champ.

You’ll find the 4100C7W at at a great price. Feel free to visit online and check out their enormous online inventory that is in stock and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice. With the highest quality items available at some of the best prices around, you’ll discover what so many other electricians, contractors and hobbyists already have- elecDirect is committed to your total satisfaction.

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