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Best Garage Floor Paint

When your garage floor needs to be painted, don’t just use any paint from the hardware store. If you are going to do the work involved you want to use the best garage floor paint on the market. EpoxyTech is the leading epoxy paint company with more than 60 years of experience. We offer a high quality EpoxyTech Kit provides you with everything you need to give your floor a professional finish.

Choose the Best Garage Floor Paint on the Market

Many people consider our epoxy kit the best garage floor paint on the market. It is industrial grade and made of 100% solid epoxy. It has a high gloss, non-slip finish and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Our epoxy coating is 5 times thicker than paint and has 10 times the wear resistance of our competitor’s products. We use cycloaliphatic epoxy for the strongest and most durable finish possible.

The best garage floor paint is resistant to oil and gas, solvents, salt and acids and is 3.8 times stronger than concrete. There is no better option for finishing your garage floor. Whether you are painting your own garage or have an entire warehouse floor to paint, our epoxy kit is the best you can buy.

Our epoxy is formulated using scientific technology that molecularly bonds to the floor. It uses a 100% solids molecular link structure that is much more durable than other epoxys on the market. Our kit includes everything you need to paint your garage floor. It includes epoxy parts A and B and a 5 gallon mixing bucket. It also comes with a mechanical mixer, trim brush, acid etch prep, squeegee, roller cover, 45 grit non-slip oxide, decorative flake system and disposable gloves. You will also receive complete video instructions so you can easily complete the job.

Make Your Garage Floor Better Than New

Our EpoxyTech Kit will transform the look and performance of your garage floor. In fact, it will be even better and stronger than it was when it was new. There is no other product that creates a bond that is as durable, thick and glossy. Our products have been used by Ford, GM, Boeing, Virgin, American Red Cross and many more. We are highly rated as one of the best garage floor paint companies on both Ebay and Amazon.

Our garage floor epoxy paint kit is available in full size and in half size. The full size covers 500 square feet which is equal to about a standard 2-1/2 car garage. The half kit covers 250 square feet or about equal to a 1-1/4 garage floor. In addition to our popular garage floor kit we also sell kits for large industrial uses. You can call or email us for a quote on volume sales.

We also sell crack and patch kits, primer kits, clear coats and metallic epoxy systems as well as professional grade tools to make large installations easier. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to get a quote.


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