Chain Hoist

Tips to Purchasing the Right Chain Hoist:

One of the most common mistakes made by amateur mechanics is actually made by not understanding the function of a chain hoist, and purchasing one when another tool would do a better job. A chain hoist is used for lifting and lowering a load. A manual hoist is a basically simple piece of equipment that can lift and lower a considerable amount of weight. Our chain hoists at Yellow Lifting are made from durable, high grade steel for reliability and safety during operation.

If you’ve never used a chain host, you’ll find it to be one of the most functional tools in your toolbox, and one that will pay for itself many times over if you purchase one made of quality materials. The chain hoist has a simple design of having two loops, the hand chain and the lifting chain; the hand chain is manually pulled and the lifting chain is used to lift or lower the load. The grab hook at the other end allows for a secure attachment to lifting chains and/or slings being used to secure the load, or infrequently, is attached to the load itself.

Our chain hoist at Yellow Lifting are equipped with 360 degree swivel hooks for convenient one-hand operation. You’ll find our powerful chain hoist lifts are safe and easy to handle. Their self-locking device allows you to make quick adjustments to prevent accidental free-wheeling that can occur without this important feature. We have a terrific selection of chain hoist pullers that are inexpensive and reliable for lifting heavy loads in areas where limited space is available for the use of other lifting methods.

Feel free to discuss your purchase with one of our product specialists by phone if you have any doubt about a product being the right one for the job. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you select the best tools, accessory or device regarding the project at hand. When using a chain hoist for the first time, follow these essential steps or search online for an instructional video for added confidence in lifting:

Step One: Inspect the chain hoist to ensure it’s in excellent working condition before attempting to lift of lower a heavy item. Check to ensure it is firmly attached overhead and that the hook is working properly.

Step Two: Take a test drive with a lighter load and go through all of the steps just to verify once again that the hoist is working correctly.

Step Three: Position the chain hoist directly over the load and attach the chain, strap or load itself into the hook’s saddle. Engage the saddle latch or use the slings to secure the load prior to lifting.

Step Four: Begin lifting while checking to make sure the load is well balanced. Keep the speed slow and modify the hoist’s position to counter any swing in the load. Keep a safe distance away from the load throughout.

You’ll find the World Wide Web to be a tremendous resource for learning how to use a chain hoist. Remember, our product experts are always just a phone call away, should you have questions or need assistance placing an order.

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Chain Hoist

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