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Plasma cutter is an amazing tool for your workshop if you depend on heavy machinery that can tackle moving and cut different materials. Plasma cutters do just that and other helpful tasks. But why would you choose Plasma cutting over other cutting processes? In this post, you’re going to learn more about this tool, including how it works.

What is Plasma?

Before you can understand how this device works, it’s essential to know what Plasma is. In simple terms, Plasma can be defined as ionized conductive gas in which free electrons move around without being attached to atoms. But in the case of a plasma cutter, the gas is allowed to enter plasma state before it can cut through metal. A plasma cutter can cut metal sheet from 2 to 40mm in thickness thanks to the high temperatures of about 18,000°C. Plasma cutters can cut a vast range of electrically conductive alloys including aluminum and its alloys, plain carbon and stainless steels, nickel alloys and titanium.

How does a Plasma Cutter Work?

Plasma cutter transmits an electric arc through a gas that is passing through a tightened opening. The gas could be shop air, argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and more. An extreme heat elevates the temperature of the gas to the level that it enters a 4th state of matter called Plasma. As a result, this tool can pass through metals like aluminum, steel, copper, and brass with little or no resistance. The sheet or component to be cut remains stationary, and the plasma torch is moved. This process gives better precision to the material been cut and can be a low-cost alternative to other methods. 

What can you use a Plasma Cutter for?

Plasma cutting is ideal for cutting steel, metal, and non-ferrous material. Motorcycle and car builders either for personal or business use can make serious metal enhancements for their vehicles with a plasma cutter. Metal artists can also use plasma cutters to make accurate cuts in their metal artwork. It allows the artist to cut out intricate metal shapes.

Plasma cutting is used for different types of metal fabrication projects and also used in salvage yards or on-site construction. This tool is usually much faster and can easily make non-linear cuts compared to mechanical or traditional cutting. Depending on the user’s skill, and the specific cutter tip being used, outstanding and precise cuts can be made.

What is the Best Machine for the Money?

When it comes to plasma cutter prices, paying a higher price for a trusted and reputable brand machine translates to a long machine life and great part availability from the manufacturer. Although there are some cheap machines out there that can make some deep and impressive cuts, the question is how long will they make those cuts before the machine breakdown. You will have a great experience if you stick to brand names like AHP, Lotos, Hypertherm, and Hobart. These brands offer plasma cutters that are well built, have large part availability, and excellent performance.

Plasma Cutter Prices
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