Tired of buying junk that doesn’t work? Well watch this video and see how a real blaster should work! Videos don’t lie!
-Holds 125 lbs of abrasive material


My name is Mark Cain, owner of BADBOY Blasters Inc. We have sold thousands of our model BB300D with  satisfied customers. As you know there are many selling portable blasters and most are the same old same old. We have the first V cone bottom and I understand why .as the design on this was intense to fabricate. But figured it out and WOW what a neat design. NEVER the need to shake the blaster to get the media to be fully evacuated. Next is there blasting hose as most use heater hose and very unsafe. Our blasting hose is commercial grade blast hose with a 1.063 OD and a 1/2 ID and 20 ft in Length. Most hold there hose on with a hose clamps and can cause bodily harm if the hose would come loose, and blasting media under pressure hurts the operator.  We use an aluminum housing that goes over the hose then is screwed on. Once tightly screwed on the rubber hose then 4 screws go through the aluminum housing into the rubber. On the opposite end of the housing either the fitting or the blasting nozzle screw in. This makes it complete by forcing the metal up against the rubber hose causing a perfect seal.  This takes away ANY chance the hose can blow loose and not only use this on the blaster side but also the blasting nozzle end. Imaging blasting at 90 PSI and having the gun come loose and blow media into your skin. Next is the screw on cap that most of the pressure blasters have. This is a cheap  unsafe and dangerous way to seal off a blaster fill and still be safe to the operator. Our fill seal is much different as it is designed to go inside the tank and be sealed by the pressure in the tank!!! This means until ALL pressure is decompressed the cap can’t be removed making it completely safe!.  Take a few min to look at the quality fittings BADBOY uses. Everything I design as the owner & designer is said to be OVER BUILT. But trust me once you use this blaster you will see the difference and isn’t a throw away blaster!.  I have not sold portable on Ebay for over a year as I was in designing this new blaster.It cost us sales but my goal is simply want it said the BB300DLX is the best blaster out there. The reason for the DLX meaning Deluxe. Have never seen a potable blaster including  regulator let alone a water trap! Well this BADBOY has both! Next is the wheels we have on our blaster compared to our competitions portable blasters. They use cheap small plastic wheels from 2 X  4 to 6 inches. Our wheels are 5 X 10 inches with SOLID Rubber. Our BB300D had  pneumatic wheels but at times went flat. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea I have fixed the safety issue and produced a quality blaster at a fair price. Assembly is maybe 15 Mins once they arrive at your home or business. Any questions I list my cell on the BADBOY Blasters website (330) 413-5262. If your used to getting put over to a voice mail when all you want is a question answered try my company . My cell is on our site give me a try!!! 



-150 lbs capacity tank

-20 ft 1.063 OD 1/2 ID Sandblasting hose
-Nozzle sizes included: 1/8, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4
-Depending on nozzle size, air requires is 22CFM (1/8in) 125CFM (1/4in)
-DEADMAN shut-off valve
-1/2in brass valves for air throttling and sand metering 65-100 PSI
-1/2 air inlet
-Heavy-duty 1/2 ID 20 ft of 2-ply BADBOY Blasters industrial grade hose
-Shipping weight 90 lbs
-Available in BLACK




Your blast cabinet needs are now answered!

DIRECT PRESSURE POT BLASTER BB300DLX-20  Can be  used as an abrasive blasting method used to remove deposits of surfaces without causing damage to the original surfaces. Generally, a blast cabinet is used as a means to remove calcium buildup from pool tiles or fungus deposits and it can also be used as a means to brighten grout which has faded, due to a build up of dirt or contaminants. In addition, bead blasting can be used as a means to clean pools and is used by many auto body shops as a way to remove old paint from a motor vehicle. The BADBOY Blasters website will give the online shoppers a chance to find a custom building bead blast cabinet, or any other type of abrasive blasting cabinet, such as a cabinet to house hydro blasting equipment, wheel blasting or micro-abrasive blasting equipment. Since the bead blast cabinet is custom designed, our company can take the bead blast requirements of our customers and create a cabinet that will enhance bead blasting. Other than the bead blast cabinet, the online shopper can find several other abrasive blasting equipment and accessories, such as abrasive blasting media, as well as replacement parts for blasters. DIRECT PRESSURE POT BLASTER BB300DLX -20 features of the bead blast cabinet include 14 gauge steel legs, an internal florescent lighting system and a durable and long-lasting foot valve assembly and twin air regulators or gauge panels. BADBOY Blasters is a family-owned company and we are committed to offering our customers access to the best bead blast cabinet on the market, along with the expert technical advice and after-sales support. Buyers who are eager to purchase the bead blast cabinet will be more than impressed by the huge range of blasters and custom built cabinets as well as our dental and jewelry blasters, vacuum blasters, and the blasting media and abrasives. Abrasive blast, such as bead blasting, is the use of a force that will propel the abrasive material, which in the case of bead blasting is glass beads, at a particular surface. Even though bead blasting is used as a means to remove calcium build up or paint, blasting can be used to smooth a surface or roughen a surface. Other abrasive blast methods, such as sandblasting, are used as a means to etch images onto glass. Our range of Bead blast cabinets can be seen on our website and because we custom build the bead blast cabinets, our online shoppers can be assured of finding a bead blast cabinet which can best meet their needs. Also our portables like the model DIRECT PRESSURE POT BLASTER BB300DLX-20 is a perfect choice.

Abrasive blasting is not new, and in fact, abrasive blasting was performed more than one hundred years ago in 1870. Like the bead blast cabinet, the blasting media is a major part of blasting and BADBOY Blasters stocks the glass beads, which is used in bead blasting, and aluminum oxide, which is the media which is used for general purpose repair or maintenance blasting, as well as the abrasive blast media, which is the media used to remove paint and rust. Feel free to learn more about the bead blast cabinet built by BADBOY Blasters via our website,

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Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 18 in

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