bb crew Sandblast cabinet  has been used since the late 1800′s and the sandblasting is both for decorative and cleaning purposes. BADBOY Blasters sell sandblasters and our company also manufactures the sandblasting cabinet which is used to house the sandblasting equipment. The equipment used in sandblasting includes items such as air compressors, the blaster nozzle and the abrasive itself, which in sandblasting are grains of sand. The sandblasting cabinet will house all of the equipment needed and since we are able to customize the sandblasting cabinet, we can supply a cabinet which best meets the needs of our buyers. In terms of decorating, sandblasting is used to etch images onto glass, and although glass etching can be done by hand, sandblasting is a far more accurate and less time-consuming method and to this end, the cost of sandblasting is way more affordable than hand glass etching. In several industries, sandblasting is used as a way to clean or remove residue from structures, and the marine industry uses sandblasting to clean the hulls of ships; however, sandblasting is an effective way to clean building and structures, and the sandblasting will not damage the original structure. The sandblasting cabinets manufactured by Badboy Blaster is the BB2500XLD, and this sandblasting cabinet has twin front doors which offer easy frontal access, and side access is provided by side doors which form part of the sandblasting cabinet. The powder coating which has been used to coat the whole of the sandblasting cabinet offers protection from rust and corrosion, and due to the fact that sandblasting needs water, a sandblasting cabinet needs to be highly resistant to dampness and humidity. Other features of the sandblasting cabinet of the BB-2500 XLD include the perforated steel flooring abrasive and particle separate screen, and clean out door, the internal fluorescent lighting system, and the self-contained twin vacuum systems with filters. The additional abrasive blasting cabinets manufactured by BADBOY Blasters include the Maximum Series, the Premier Series, the Tornado Series and the Warrior Series, and these products can be seen in detail via our website. To view the cabinets which house these different abrasive systems, feel free to visit the BADBOY Blasters website,