Sandblaster  are very useful when you are building a new home or office. Once the tile work is done or when you need to clean up floors, sandblaster come in use. So if you are looking for using a sandblaster, I'm very sure you might be wondering which type will be the right one for you. For that you need to know the difference between each of them. When you know the difference between sandblasters, it helps in making up your mind to purchase the most suitable one for you. Let us have a look at each of them one by one: Sandblaster  because it is quite inexpensive and simple to use. The siphon sandblaster consists of an air gun with two different hoses. While one hose blows the air delivered from the compressor, the other sucks in the abrasive. The air hose goes through the gun, which creates a vacuum, which siphons the abrasive out and gets mixed in with the air. When the air blows through the gun and mixes with the abrasive a stream of sandblasting media blows out the tip of the nozzle. This kind of sandblasters can be used by even novices unlike other types, naturally this is one the main reasons why this sandblaster is very popular. Pressure Pot Sandblaster: This kind of sandblaster is more of a professional sandblaster because it has higher blasting pressure and is more efficient. High blasting pressures are needed when people who use these tend to blast large areas for a longer period of time. When they do that it reduces the wear on the air compressor. It is made of a pressurized tank where the air mixes with the abrasive. The pressure pot sandblaster is usually used by professionals who how to control the high pressure when using this equipment. I would not recommend novices using this equipment as you can hurt yourselves. Power Washer Sandblaster: Like the name sounds, this kind of sandblaster is very powerful and is used for sandblasting. It is also known as wet sandblasting as it is basically a pressure washer that mixes in abrasive to help clean surfaces better and quicker. It can be used for many things such as cleaning dirt off of buildings. Of course, if you are a novice with this equipment, then you better leave it to the professionals to do the work. I would like to stress on the importance of safety here. Even if you are a professional, accidents can happen and you may be aware that accidents using this equipment can be quite fatal. So, make sure you are wearing the right kind of safety gear when using them. If you liked the above article and want more information on sandblasters, then you can have a look at the given website Blasters, Incorporated is a family owned company that offers quality products, technical and sales support, and customer service. In addition to their sandblasters, they also offer pallet jacks, parts washers, portable concrete mixers, emax air compressors, fuel storage tanks, hose reels, and replacement nozzles, hoses, Mylar window covers, lined gloves, hand guns, foot controls, and media & abrasives.