SAND BLASTING CABINET Industries seeking the highest quality sand blasting cabinet and all the accessories needed for it will not have to look any further than BADBOY Blaster, Inc. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying sand blasting cabinet  models in a standard range, plus offer the option for custom made sand blasting machines for our clients, in any sizes and configurations for their applications. Sand blasting machines are the most effective way to clean or strip a surface to prepare it for spray painting, while they are further used for smoothing surfaces, marking, and glass frosting for further examples. Compressed air forces media like different textured sands, beads or silica powders against the surface, done within a sand blasting cabinet for safety purposes. With certain abrasive media being poisonous when inhaled, it is sensible using a sand blasting cabinet to contain it during the process. Vacuum pumps recycle the media in a continuous process in the sand blasting cabinet as well, so that it can be used extensively. Although the common method of sand blasting uses compressed air to drive the abrasives, in certain machines water jets are used, which reduces the incidence of dust. The object being cleaned or prepared is controlled by static gloves in apertures either on the front or sides in the cases of smaller machines. View the specifications and details of the selection of sand blasting cabinet in standard models we supply, plus the wide range of accessories for these machines. BADBOY Blasters, Inc. has designed the sand blasting cabinet with safety in mind, and you can browse through small machines to large industrial equipment that can be crated and shipped to your desired location after online ordering. We are a family-owned business where customer care is our core mission, dedicated to your satisfaction for every sand blasting cabinet we supply. You have further peace of mind that you will find full availability of parts and accessories for repair and maintenance of your sand blasting cabinet. Read verifiable testimonials from many satisfied clients who use our machines, and the credentials of our crew that offer you expertise for any sand blasting cabinet and complementing equipment in this niche. For many industries a sand basting cabinet is an indispensable piece of equipment, particularly for auto body repair shops, engineering, and vehicle coating. Investing in quality machines is the sensible choice, which is what you get for every sandblasting cabinet machine supplied by Badboy Blaster, Inc. We are pleased to offer further machines like cement mixers, compressors and pallet jacks, all made to the same impeccable standards in quality. Our website has been designed for customer convenience, and once you have placed your order it will be safely shipped using top shipping companies to your desired locations nationwide. Once you have ordered the best model in a sand blasting cabinet, add a quantity of the abrasive media according to your needs, so that when your sand blasting cabinet arrives you can start using the equipment immediately after installation.