BADBOY Blasters is excited our blast cabinets are Designed-Fabricated-Coated-Assembled-Tested and Crated in Our Canton, Ohio Facility

I own CFC in Cleveland , Ohio and we needed a custom sandblasting unit made. Mark @ Bad Boy Sandblasters in Canton, Ohio came up with a great machine that works perfect. When I set it up at the shop he came out and schooled us on how to use it. The customer service and product is outstanding. Badboy Blasters, Inc. 8/2/2017 Mickey H.
I have to tell you that this company has the best customer service. While trying to make a decision I called the number and Mark Cain answered. He answer all my question and I finally decide to purchase one of his blasters. I was very impressed with Mark, I'm no one to him (but a customer); he personally called and sent a few pictures of the build progress. Just tells me that he's proud of what's coming out of his shop. I have no doubt this is a quality tool that will last. Brian Gatley · February 1, 2017
I recently purchased a sandblaster from Badboy and requested delivery from Ohio to Far West Texas. We have carriers come to these parts. The amazing thing happened after my exceptional experience with customer service , Mark Cain; the blaster shipped and arrived in Midland, Texas where it sat from March 1 to March 7. I called Mark and the two of us agreed the carrier was not performing. Mark literally engaged with the carrier for several days including the weekend and effected delivery. They were going to let it sit on the dock until March 10. Unacceptable! Mark and Badboy not only care about the safe effect quality production of their product but are deeply concerned about reliable and rapid delivery. I am grateful for his attention to customer service. Buy American and Buy Badboy! John Lange Carter · March 6, 2017
Mark is very knowledgeable and helpful answered all my questions even the ones I didn't know I had. We set up our new Blaster and even within the first hour of use we saw the high quality. Even better we will save countless hours of labor time. Thanks to all at Badboy Blasters for a great machine and excellent customer service Julie Panosh · January 14, 2017
BadBoy Blasters Inc makes is #1 in blasting cabinets. Their customer service is the best in the business also. You send an email or call, Mark Cain will answer immediately. Proud ownership and it shows! BadBoy also hooked me up with a 10 HP Compressor that is pretty hard to beat also. Mike Odum · March 30, 2017
I purchased a Badboy blaster and one of their 7,5 hp compressors and could not be more pleased. Both units are very well made and well thought out. The compressor is surprisingly quiet and keeps up with my blaster very well. The vac system on the blaster keeps the inside nice and clear. The led lighting is great With these units, I actually enjoy blasting again . Thanks Mark Brett Klaas · July 11, 2017
We needed a solution for cleaning the parts for our television series and our shop in general and after looking all over the internet the name Badboy Blasters kept popping up with great reviews. We contacted Mark and he made us a blaster cabinet designed for our needs and it is awesome! We could not have met our deadlines without his equipment so thanks Mark! Slick from Discovery and Velocity channels show Highway to Sell Slicks Garage Hunter · December 22, 2016
We received our dual cabinet blaster here at McQueeney Gun Club and have been loving it!!! Cerakote jobs have been turning out amazing ever since we got our new blaster. Reid Lincoln · February 3, 2017
This is the second Bad Boy product I have purchased, and I love it! Their customer service is spot on and even before I purchased Bad Boy blasting equipment, I had also purchased an Air Compressor so was introduced to their style of customer service. Thanks and will be purchasing again!! Tim Chesney · November 11, 2016
Mark Cain contacted me and worked out a satisfactory solution to the issue i was having with the machine and their lack of customer service. Great machine and i like the upgrades that were made to it. I will have to upgrade mine when i have the money to do so. Bottom line.........Great machine at a reasonable price John Holbrook · September 2, 2016
Badboy Blasters is an outstanding company with wonderful customer service. I purchased the BB1050 welded series months ago. Marc Cain communicated with me personally even after hours on several occasions. I had an issue with my air supply, months after the purchase mind you, and needed help with a solution. I called marc and he worked with me for 2 days via multiple phone calls and text messages to help me fix the problem. The problem was with my air supply not even with the blast cabinet. Any other company would have turned the cold shoulder because they already had their money. Badboy Blasters has by business. Not to mention the Vacuum design on the cabinet keeps dust to a minimum. Definitely recommend Badboy Blasters to anybody looking for a great quality, affordable blasting system with outstanding customer service. Dillon Kyle · October 4, 2015
This company is top quality grade A #1..Mark Cain goes way out of his way for his customers..thanks for being top quality!!! Aaron Hale · January 13, 2017
Great product! Great price! I run a Dumpster rental co. Perfect unit to keep my equipment looking sharp. Wastemasters usa Lon VanderWal · March 30, 2017
Recently purchased a Blaster from Mark and the crew. Great Blaster and service we received. Thanks BADBOY Doug King · June 12, 2017
I had to use my wife's facebook page to comment, but I ordered this cabinet. Marc has been great to deal with and the cabinet looks better than I could have imagined! I am so happy with what we got. Once I have the unit in service and have more information, I will add more comments. Mike Gencarelli – January 15, 2016
Normally I don’t take time out to fill out reviews like this, but Mark and his staff at Bad Boy Blasters have gone above and beyond in customer support. From my initial inquiry, through purchase, delivery and now product support. They are SERIOUSLY committed to providing the best customer support. But that is not the reason I took the time to write this… The Blast Cabinet is… I have been working in the Machine Shop & Fabrication industry for 40 years. I have used MANY different blast cabinets. This is by far the BEST blast cabinet I have ever used / owned. You can see the quality, this is not a CHEAP OVERSEAS MANUFACTURED piece of junk. This cabinet is solid, well designed, well made… Just pure MADE IN USA quality. When I first came to this site I was wondering… Is it going to be worth the money… IT IS… James JB Gates · May 5, 2016
This company is a top notch company. Customer service is amazing! and the products are built to last and work wonderfully. I cant say enough about how amazing our blast cabinet is we have purchase 2.
Very nice piece. Good communication with the owner on competitor comparisons. Marc did not bash the competition he just sold me on the differences. Dwayne Tidrow · February 22, 2016
We purchased a Vacuum Blaster a couple of months ago for use in our Body/Paint/Refurbish shop. We sell and service fire trucks and ambulances, and rebuild and refurbish high-end equipment, so dust and mess is a BIG issue for us. The Vacuum Blaster is a CLEAN alternative to conventional blasting and rust removal. We can use the blaster indoors and prime and paint in the adjacent bays with no dust or carryover. There is absolutely a savings, as the machine reclaims and recycles the media! After heavy use for 2 months, we finally spent the media. Carla had us reordered and new media shipped in a matter of minutes. THANK YOU BADBOYS for a great product and service after the sale!
We just purchased the BB-760-XLD blaster and what can I say? It is truly a BADBOY! We use it here ten times a day to breathe new life into these old Broncos, ad this blaster does the job!!! I have never used a blaster that works this good. The light is so bright in the work area you can actually see what you are blasting. The blaster is also user-friendly, two switches and a pedal and you’re blasting. The high quality of this blaster, the customer service of BADBOY Blasters and the amazing price have made all of us at life-long customers!!!!!!!!!!! -Jim Dokurno,
Just received delivery of my new BB-1000! Mark Cain was kind enough to drop it off on his way through town yesterday. After delivering it, he stayed to help set it up. I very much appreciated the passion Mark has for his products. As we assembled the unit, Mark went over all the details with me to make sure we knew all the reasons he made many of the engineering changes not found in competitors' units. To make this short, you will not find better people to work with. There is no gap from when you purchase a unit to customer service. the hands-on philosophy Mark teaches and follows himself is genuine. There will be no disappointments, and I will definitely do more business with BADBOY Blasters in the future. -John Mahle
After researching bead blasters for 1 year, I decided to replace my snap bead blaster with a BB-750-XLD BADBOY Blaster. Four days after I ordered it, the truck arrives in sunny Florida. I unpack my new blaster, and WOW! It looks so good I don't want to use it or get it dirty... But of course I do! I had a few questions, called BADBOY, and Mark promptly returned my call and answered all my questions. Well, time to try it out.. This machine is fantastic! A few of my friends came over to try it, they have blasters that cost $4000+. They were astonished. I'm extremely happy with my BADBOY Blaster and the customer service. The quality and workmanship is first class. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for a first-class professional bead blaster. -Wes Brown
Bought a BB300DLX quick shipping, got damaged in shipping,but BADBOY sent me the replacement quick -Buyer:  406markt ( 583Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
BB1050LED-BVR-PR   Excellent item! Heavy Duty! MADE IN USA!! -Buyer: lb9123 ( 508Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999)
I have had the BB-800-XLD in service for about a year. I bought the 5HP vertical single-stage compressor too. The combo is a knock out! It is used about 10 hours a week. The space gets warm for sure, but I can now see better than before. It is a good machine. The center goose-neck gun is very useful for small parts. I use the Black Diamond media exclusively. Your customer service is excellent, keep up the good work!" -Tom, T and T Press Restorations
Had a chance to use the 300D Blaster today to do some artistic sand carving on bluestone--and it is a BADBOY! I used my PT100 pot to engrave two 2'x2' pieces of bluestone and it took me 3 hours. Switched to the BADBOY to do the other two, and was finished in 40 minutes. BAD TO THE BONE! -Kevin Coughlin
I don't usually take the time to write a testimonial unless I am completely happy with something. I saved for months to buy a BB-1000-XL and it is worth ever penny. I and several of my hot rod buddies can't believe these unites can be sold for as little as they are. The quality is amazing and it blows away every single sand blaster I looked at. The snap-on tools cabinet is the only one that came close and it is three times the cost. Packaging is very nice and kept the units powder coating in perfect condition, even the way it is packaged looks like it's from someone who cares about the product they make and sell. This is what "MADE IN THE U.S.A." used to stand for and few companies build quality anymore. Like I said, I saved for months for this and I can tell you if you are considering one of these cabinets, buy with total confidence! You will not find a better blaster to spend your hard-earned money on. Thank you so much for the best cabinet money can buy. -Todd Droegemeyer
I received my L-Shaped Series blaster earlier this week, and while it is not yet in production, I can tell you hands-down this is the most well-thought out, well-designed blaster I have ever seen. As far as bang for your buck? UNTOUCHABLE by any other manufacturer. You can go elsewhere, but you can't beat a BADBOY! -Eddie Tabor
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Now I see why so many people rave about your customer service! I just wanted to thank you and Mark and your company for handling everything so professionally, and for getting my order out so quickly! Carla, you are the best! I wish you all a Happy Easter and Passover. By the way, I love doing business with people of faith, and from what I've read on your website, it sounds like you all keep God in your heart! -Stephen Sepowski
This is just to let everyone out there considering a blaster, they need not look any further. We have a BB-9000-XLD-BV, which has been in continuous use for approximately a year, 8-10 hours a day, and has been a very reliable product. Also, the customer service is exceptional, keep up the good work! -J. Coudriet, Production Manager, Diamond Back Truck Covers
This thing is remarkable! The BB-1500 is huge and well-built. It came in today and even the driver and helper were impressed with the machine that they asked me to blast some parts for them over the weekend! Customer service is top-notch, and they will keep you abreast of all the stages, from ordering to the build date to the shipping date. Thank you and your dedicated employees! -Enrique Garnica
The unit that I bought is not the one that I thought I needed. I listened to the salesman, and he said, "I don't want to sell you something that you're not happy with." I bought what he suggested, and I am HAPPY. The unit came assembled and ready-to-work. These units have the accessories as standard equipment! Great company and great blaster. -Douglas Fishel
I purchased a 750 blaster last year and have been nothing but satisfied with is. This is an excellent product at a good price. The customer service has been exceptional also. Thanks! -Emmet Ivey
My blaster arrived today from a company called BADBOY Blasters. I bought it, had a few issues. I e-mailed the company with my concerns. Believe it or not, within 2 minutes of me sending the e-mail, the company owner called me (this was at 8:20pm, no less) and the parts are being sent tomorrow. That is hands-down the best customer service I've ever had. -John Gott
I recently purchased your BB-750-XLD after having several problems with smaller imported blasters. I had been reluctant to spend the extra money on a better system like yours, but now I am more than happy that I did. The blaster works extremely well! I could not be happier with its performance. Thanks a lot! -Matt Ramieri, Inspired Bronze, Inc.
These BADBOYS hooked me up. I ordered the wrong gloves, and before I could send them back, I received the new gloves. These guys really looked out for me and I will continue to shop here. A++++ service! -Chuck
Purchased a BADBOY Blaster for restoring an antique tractor. The blaster works great, no problems and the price was right! I'll recommend BADBOY to others. Thanks for providing a quality product at a great price! -Patrick LaCanne
Here is my long-awaited testimonial about how great BADBOY Blasters has treated me. I purchased a Blasting Cabinet(BB-500-XL) in September to help in the restoration of a car. The unit worked great for a while, but started to malfunction. I called Mark to explain the issues and right away he offered to send out a new unit with upgraded features without costing me a penny. WOW! What great service! Now, I personally don't know of any company willing to eat shipping costs and take a unit back without hesitation. The new unit has worked flawlessly and produces great results. Thanks again to Mark and everyone at BADBOY Blasters, Inc.! -Jordan Shannon
I purchased the Tornado BB-950, which has worked without a problem. Can't buy a better blaster for the money anywhere else. Great customer service! My wife thought I had purchased new body parts for my truck, only to be surprised that I had only blasted them. Thanks! -Eddie Walker
Purchased a BADBOY Sandblast Cabinet with Vacuum. Had a bit of custom work done to the machine for our first business. Machine works flawlessly, and I am happy with it. Will be coming back to purchase another few soon. -Frank Pak
I purchased a BB-1000-XL for my home shop as a birthday present to myself! I was a bit concerned ordering without seeing it, but not any more! BADBOY Blasters is a fantastic company with a 'class of its own' product. This thing rocks and lives up to the BADBOY name! This piece of equipment is one of the best values for the money I have ever seen. I am so glad I got it! It assembled perfectly, works flawlessly, and looks great! Fantastic product, exceptional value and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality blast cabinet! Not to mention, world-class customer service! Mark and Carla, hats off to you and the rest of the gang! -Darel Myers Elgin, II
After purchasing one of your cabinets last winter, I have been very happy with the cabinet and even more so with the follow up service on sending me replacement parts. It's nice to know you don't forget about your customers! Thank you! -Mark, Pro SC Motorsports, Inc.
I just picked up y new BB-1000-XL at Mark's shop and it's everything he said it was and more! Our business is restoring old muscle car parts for people all over the country, and time is an issue to everyone. Mark impressed me because he listens and acts on the problems that people have had in the past with other blasters. I also was weary with the great price, but found out first-hand what a great machine it is! If you have any doubts, please email me at and ask us. Thanks Mark, great doing business with you! -Bob & Rob
Your blaster is better than I had expected. Your quality and workmanship is very unexpected for the price. I am looking forward to many years of use with my new blaster. Thank you again! -Bill Swindle
Met Mark today and it was a great experience. He knows his business. I bought a Model BB-1500-XLD Sandblast Cabinet. This machine is built to last. Mark took the time to meet with me on a Saturday since I live so far away, and took the time to explain everything to me. I called him several times, and he is always kind and courteous. Great product, great company! Thanks BADBOY Blasters, Mark Cain and family. -Fred Shoffner
I purchased your Pallet Jack Model BB-6600 about a month and a half ago. I really didn't have very high expectations of it, considering the price. But I thought maybe I could use it just the same. Well, your pallet jack met and exceeded my wildest expectations. I own a mold shop and have a lot of heavy equipment. I purchased a new CNC Milling machine and sold some old equipment. So I was faced with having to move five pieces of equipment totaling 25,000lbs. Being a thrifty person, I did not want to rent a forklift multiple times to move all this equipment in my very small building. So i put your pallet jack to work and I was amazing at what this thing could pick up! the two heaviest machines weigh 7,000lbs each. I am always a little suspicious of ratings, but to see it lift 7,000lbs and then being able to roll it was a sight! So I just wanted to let you all know what a great piece of equipment it ended up being. Best $239 I've ever spent! THANKS! -Scott, SJC Tool & Engineering, Inc.
Mark, I just wanted to take a minute to express our happiness with the service you have provided us along with some additional praise on a very good product. We appreciate your help before, during and after the purchase. The blaster we bought is now working better than our other one ever did. You make a very good product and stand behind your work. We at Imtec appreciate it. Thanks again! -Lynn Culver, Plastic Department Manager, Imtec Acculine
I purchased The Beast blaster for use in my powder coating shop. It is the best blaster that I have ever used. It stays clean and it has plenty of light to work with. I am now thinking of adding the new Titan Blaster to my shop. -Jacob Aikey
Purchased the BB-1000-XL and I am completely satsfied. I was skeptical about buying such an item without seeing it in person, but all that has been put to rest. Excellent shipping, easy setup, excellent end use. I am glad I took the chance, these people and their products treat you well -Curtis Elder
Just had to add a not on your blasters, they are by far the best blasters I have ever seen. You have thought of everything: filter, light, the right hose and gun. How can you do it so cheap?! I'm not complaining, but I am not used to this quality at this price. I will be buying the bigger one soon. Can't thank you enough! -Robert Tinney
We just purchased The Beast, it is everything we wanted and more. The Beast is a great addition to our shop. -Aikey's Powder Coating
By far the best sandblaster I have ever used. Fast, and the industrial vacuum is so efficient, I can open the door while in use and cabinet is clear. Thanks for the incredible design and clean machine! -Mike
Hi Andrea, I just wanted to thank you for replying so quickly to my inquiry, and also thank you to Carla for answering a few last-minute questions I had today before purchasing the BB-100. I'm looking forward to getting my new toy! I wish I could 'impulse shop' like normal people and just buy some tic-tacs.. Nope, I had to have a sandblaster cabinet! your company's dedication to customer satisfaction is refreshing. Thanks again! -Jill Jaluvka
We purchased Model BB-3000-XLD over two months ago and we are extremely please with the performance and reliability of the unit. We are equally impressed by the level of service we have received. Mark has been extremely helpful, as well as everyone we have spoken to in their office. Every order we have placed has been accurate and received in a timely manner. We highly recommend this company and their products. It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at BADBOY Blasters and we look forward to doing business with them in the future. -Jess Malfavon
I am impressed by the machine! Nice blaster! Thank you! -Nick Vlismas, PV Engineering
I want to take the time to let everybody know I searched long before I found BADBOY Blasters. The unit I bought was an incredible double sandblaster. We put up a partition and made two singles out of it. We experienced some small problems at first, but the incredible customer service corrected it faster than I can type this. Everyone that sees it is completely floored by its quality and appearance. It works great, and was also an incredible deal!!! Mark returned my calls and questions above and beyond my expectations. I also bought a portable blaster, again, amazing-looking and working. I will always recommend BADBOY Blasters to all my customers and friends. Thank you so much for your well thought-out efforts, engineering and customer service. Keep up the good work! -Roger T.
It has been a pleasure dealing with you. You are rare in this day and time, you have a very good company. Again, Thanks! -Bill
I purchased a BB-750-XLD 2006 version and I fell in love with it. This machine is like none other, everyone who needs a blaster should get one. They are the best. -David Milbrandt, Sr.
I recently purchased the BB-200-D. This is a very good rollabout portable pressure sandblaster. Very well built. Any company that puts as much time in customer satisfaction as BADBOY Blasters does deserves my vote. Their products are outstanding. Thanks BADBOY for providing an outstanding service--something that most companies nowadays forget how to do. -Henry
Thank you BADBOYS, we've needed a new machine for a long time and this looks like a really good one.. and at a fair price too. Imagine that! -Danny Caywood
Just wanted to say thanks for my purchase, fast delivery and exactly as described. Keep this up and you will do very well. -Ken Wheatley
GREAT PRODUCT!!!" Easy assembly after fast shipping, design details move it to the 'head of the class' with the competition! Thanks for the personal interaction. You can count on me as another proud owner of a great shop too! -Steve Breedlove
Thanks for everything! Was nice doing business with someone so professional. A rare find. -Larry
Mark has really been something else! Customer service of this level is something my parents have talked of as being in the past! Mark has gone above and beyond to make sure I was set up and running properly. The BB-1500-XLD is a great machine and will be a useful tool in all of my restoration projects. Do not hesitate in buying a blaster from BADBOY, as you will find none nicer and willing to satisfy the customer. Take care Mark, and go get another champion's jack in the Toughman Contest! My best regards. Please feel free to use my e-mail address for a reference! -Thad Gibson,
We're excited to be doing business with you. All the feedback I've read has been great, and by looking at your website, you take a lot of pride in your product and our country. I can't think of a better place to be doing business with. your attitude and character is what helps keep our country running strong! Thank you in advance! -Dan Baker
I purchased the BB-100 Benchtop Blaster. Works great for my needs. If I ever need a larger size, I know who I'm buying from. SUPER customer service! Thanks! -Ben
I recently purchased the 2007 Model BB-1500-XLD BADBOY Blaster. Mark and Andrea kept me informed at every step of the delivery. I needed a blast cabinet that can accommodate many different sized objects. I was completely blown away with the actual size of this machine and the quality of its construction. I get comments on the machine all the time. Mark has contacted me at least 10 times to update me on shipping and to follow up on the purchase. You can't ask for better customer treatment or service. The machine is great and the service is even better. Tell your friends, they won't be disappointed! Keep up the good work! -Scott Williams
What can I say? They are the best! I have wanted a cabinet blaster for years and have looked at them all. I purchased the BADBOY BB-1000-XL and it is everything they said it was and more! It was delivered to Kentucky within two days and the packaging was unbelievable. No damage to the unit and the paint on the unit was flawless with no scratches or dents. It took a few hours to set up, but then it was just put the media in it and blast. It is a shame that the paint takes a hit in the blaster, but there is nothing you can do about that. As a customer service person, Mark is the best. I run a manufacturing operation and have hundreds of different vendors and if just one of them was as good as Mark, my days would be a lot shorter and easier. I think when dictionaries are written the description for customer service should have one word for the description: Mark. If Mark ever gets tired for selling sandblasters for a living, I hope he calls me for his next job. Anyone out there needing a blasting cabinet, get a BADBOY--you will not be sorry you did! -Earl W. Beloin
WOW! I don't know what to say! I'm not used to anyone putting a customer's needs and their satisfaction on the top of their priority list, especially a first-time customer! Thanks again! -Steve Tisdale
I recently purchased the model BB-1000-XL blaster. Only a couple months ago, I purchased a similar blaster that cost about the same price. The BADBOY makes my other blaster look like a toy! Needless to say, it is on its way out already. The quality of BADBOY is fantastic and noting like I have ever seen at this price! I wasn't even looking for a blaster, but once I saw the BADBOY, I had to have one! As a purchasing manager, this is just the type of product and company that i dream about finding. Everyone was a joy to work with, and they also support their products like no other. BADBOY Blasters will always be my first stop for our future blasting needs.
Superior quality at an excellent price. Very nice to deal with! Highly recommend! -Eaton Compressor
I picked up the blaster tonight, I assembled it and it is great! I thank you for the great price for a great product. I hope i can send some business your way! I will be leaving great feedback on Ebay. Also, I'm sure you will be hearing from me again for nozzles and such. Thanks again! -Chris
As honest as the day is long. Excellent seller, excellent product +++AAA+++ Thanks again! -George
Just received pallet jack. Pleased with quality and service. Was a good experience and will make another purchase when needed. If you have any need of any of their products, go for it! -Dave Osterhout, President, H&O Small Engines, Inc.
Awesome communication, extremely well-built blaster. A++++++ Finally a product built like the old days! Quality in every way. Fit, finish, and most of all, crystal clear operation. Thanks! -Ron
Great seller, great equipment, everything she said and more! AAAA++++++ anytime! -Scott Savich
Great customer service. Blaster is made heavier than most with ergonomic design. -Scott Hornbaker
Thanks for a great blaster! Well-built product and great communication, before and after the sell. Thanks again. -Scott
Nice cabinet as advertised. Great to deal with. A++++ -Scott Nunn
Received quickly, put together, runs like a champ!!! Excellent communication, THANKS! -William Hayes
Great Seller! A+ -National Grinding & Manufacturing
Everything worked out well. Product arrived quickly. Highly recommend seller. -Ernie
Quality product! Excellent price! Fast shipping! Great to do business with! A+++ -Monte Russell
Outstanding transaction! Excellent description! Fast shipping! Great deal! Thanks! -Michael DiLutis
Wonderfully designed product! Say goodbye to barrel vacuums. Great service! A+ -Cool Coatings, Inc.
I recently purchased the BB-1000-Xl blaster and was shocked at the price! I am in the glass etching industry, and similar models have been running at about $3,000. I was totally shocked to even find that they would deliver to me locally and fully set it up for me! This unit makes the old setup I had look like a baby. With the three door openings and the flow control, I can actually spend more time blasting and less time dumping, sifting and refilling the old pressure pot! I will be posting to the sandcarving groups that I am a member of, to let them know of the great quality equipment and service that I received. Hopefully I can send some business your way! I will definitely be back for future purchases! Excellent seller! Even made special arrangements to help me with local delivery. -Tina Fossi
Thanks for the great product. I'm no longer covered in blast media because I no longer have to clean out that damn bag that comes with the old barrel-style vacuum systems. Great CFM, just as you advertised. I'm sure to purchase again from you folks in the near future. I really appreciated the personal attention. Wish all business were like that. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again! -Perry
Very fast shipper, excellent deal, very friendly and helpful. Superior product. -Al Bradley
Good communication, excellent service, great people. I'll buy from them again! -Randy
Good to do business with you, the products came well-packaged and in great shape. Thanks. -ALLFLIGHT-6 CORPORATION
First class cabinet. Great service. Thanks. -Richard Slaney
Excellent seller, great communication and customer service, highly recommend!!!!!! -Regena
Great.. got it quick and put it to use right away! Great machine for the money. -Conrad
Great product! Ran it hard for 4+ hours, no overheating or other issues. A+ -Duane Bjornson
Nice, real nice, and a mind read to boot! Got the blue one I wanted. Thank you! -James McCartt
Nice product, fast shipping. Thanks! -David Nicholson
Great item, smooth transaction. Thank you. -Holly & Tom McCormick
Smooth transaction & good deal. -Wael Hamed
Thank you, nice blaster and very positive transaction A+++ -Vitron Manufacturing, Inc.
A good company to buy from. -Freeman Computer Services, LLC.
Great blaster. Nice, easy, smooth transaction. -John Collins
Great stuff--as advertised! -CLC Furnace
Good deal--nice jack--I'll be back. -Dennis Keenan
GREAT PEOPLE!!!!! A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -Ron Perry
Timely shipping, product just as expected. Buy a blaster from BADBOY Blasters. A++ -Dave Williams
Actually, I bought it for my boyfriend as a surprise because he had a really small one and it always took him so long to blast anything! So when he got it, he was really excited and he loves it! He uses it almost every day and loves the product. -Heather Bruce
Awesome product, excellent customer service and support, great communications. A+++ -Ron Bianco
WOW what a sandblaster! 2-day shipping to my door!! BADBOYS... YOU DA MAN! AA++ -Tim Binkuns
Super fast shipping, THANK YOU!!!! -Chuck Glass
Thanks, the pallet jack works great. I will buy again. -Constance Michels
It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I will definitely tell my friends about your products. -Boyd & Debbie Coats
Thanks for the sell. -Drew
Good quality tool. Thanks! A++++++++ -Csaba Kerekes
Quick Shipment, great product!!! Thanks again. -Tom Lockridge
Excellent transaction. Exactly as described and pictures. Thank you. A+++++ -James McBride
Great service. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Don Wineland
Thanks, great communication and prompt service A+++++++++++++++++++++++ -Jim Davis
Great item. Perfect transaction. Highly recommended seller. -John Schmitt
Excellent machine, sturdy, working in two hours! BUY ONE. -Mark Amorello, Ocean Works, Inc.
Good job--very well done--great guy to deal with! -Elmer Bach
Awesome user-friendly media blaster at a great price. Easy transaction. Good people. -Earl Miller
Great seller. Took care of all my concerns ASAP. Excellent communication. Thanks. -Larry Smith
Great product. Nice, easy transaction. Thanks! -Diane Sims
Great blaster and good people to work with. -Brian Beverly
Good folks, good business, good product. Would buy again. -Butch & Nancy Force
Excellent customer service... thanks again! -Jeff Woods
Very good to do business with, thanks! -Gene Herbert
Delivered quickly and installation of my blaster was easy.> -Richard Schlosser
Fast shipping and smooth transaction. The sandblast cabinet looks great!> -James Foote
Great service by Mark. Fast shipping. Good-looking cabinet. I recommend him! -Kathy Lane
Excellent value and great service!!!!! THANKS! -Joe Lutz
Great machine, great price & overall great company to deal with. AAAA++++ -Marty Bauer
Nice unit. Works good. Quick shipment. Thanks! -Ray Shuck
Quick delivery and easy to work with! THANKS! -Erica Austin
Highly recommended, great to do business with, very professional!!!!!!!!!!! -Jeff Keith
I recently purchased the Magnum II unit and I'm very impressed with the quality of the unit from the pre-filtered air coming into the cabinet, console design controls, superior sealing doors. The hands-free nozzle is super nice for high-volume small parts. Great people to deal with, especially service after the sale. -Pat Miller
We ordered Model BB-1500-XLD of the BADBOY Blaster line. AWESOME system, AWESOME price, AWESOME customer service. Mark far surpasses ANY customer service we have had from any company! You will not be disappointed! We will purchase from him again! Very honest and goes way beyond to make his customer happy even AFTER the sale! Thanks Mark! -Jon & Marla Gaboian

2 thoughts on “CUSTOMER REVIEWS

  1. John Walzl

    I purchased the BB1050XLD and couldn’t be more pleased. It appears that every detail was well thought out and built for satisfaction. The light is bright and it is easy to operate. Thank you for building such a quality machine at a reasonable price.

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