Sandblasting media has lot of use in the esoteric applications such as dry ice, which is used in mold cleaning. Did you know that there are more than 20 types of Sandblasting media, which are available in the market? For example, dry ice has no leftover media to clean up since the dry ice evaporates. Let us have a look at the different kinds of media blast cabinet, which are available in the market. Soft Abrasives: Media like pumice, baking soda, plastic, walnut shell grit and sponge all these come under the softest abrasives, which are available. They are high cost abrasives that are used in delicate cleaning operations and renovation purposes of antique or historical items. The reason for that is they are capable of removing dirt on the surface without damaging the material underneath. Medium Abrasives: There are more aggressive abrasives, which include crushed glass, glass bead and ceramic bead. These abrasives are used in engine re-builders and body-shop mechanics as they can remove metals. They are medium priced abrasives, with the exception of crushed glass as they can be reused. Medium abrasives are capable of removing metal, which can be a problem in certain auto rebuilding activities. High Abrasives: They are widely used abrasives outside of the automotive industry and a good example is silicone carbide, which is a sharp abrasive that fractures into small but equally sharp fragments. This characteristic allows silicone carbide to be reused many times. Aluminum oxide is quite similar to silicone carbide and both are popular with glass workers. Aluminum oxide can generate static electricity, which makes it difficult for the vacuum system to evacuate the dust. Other Abrasives: There are other abrasives, which include a corncob, coal slag and steel shots. These abrasives are used in metals and when working outdoors. However, you will need to refrain from using silica sand as it works well and is cheap. The reason for that is quite simple as the main problem with abrasives is that they are very tiny particles, which can't be detected by the naked eye. Once they enter your body through your nostrils, you are in grave danger as it can affect your life. So you need to make sure that you wear proper safety equipment when dealing with these abrasives. I'm sure all of you value your lives, you can do good for yourself by wearing a helmet, thick glasses to protect your eyes, gloves, and a small mask would do a world of good for your health when dealing with these chemicals. I hope you found the above article useful, and now you can be confident of doing this work yourself. If you liked the above article and want more information on Sandblasting media, then you can have a look at the given website BADBOY Blasters, Incorporated is a family owned company that offers quality products, technical and sales support, and customer service. In addition to their sandblasters, they also offer pallet jacks, parts washers, portable concrete mixers, emax air compressors, fuel storage tanks, hose reels, and replacement nozzles, hoses, Mylar window covers, lined gloves, hand guns, foot controls, and media & abrasives.