0 thoughts on “Dental & Jewelry Blasters

  1. EJ

    Using my simple/cheap cabinet, I was frustrated with the cheap gun and pickup tube. Always clogging and poor media distribution.

    But- that all changed with this unit. The gun is amazing. The pickup tube is flawless. I can now blast media none stop and cut my work in half, or more!

    Great product! Thank you!

  2. Bruce Cascio

    After using a bench top blaster for years without a dust collector and cleaning my shop every time I used it, I decided it was time to upgrade into something more professional. I was a former Caterpillar Diesel mechanic and after an auto accident which left me in a wheelchair, I still like to tinker. The industrial market place for handicapped shop equipment is virtuously non existent, you modify or make your own. I contacted Mark Cain and explained my situation, he had just the unit I needed the BB 1050XLD-FL-HC. I took an 8 hour ride from NY to Ohio and Mark designed and put together a blaster shell while I waited, THAT WORKED FOR ME! A week later it was in my shop. Mark is a first class act, and customer service is a priority with him. This is a great blaster if you can’t stand up for a long time or if your in a wheelchair. The machine works perfect and cleans up anything you put in it quickly. I upgraded the dust vacuum and there is NO dust from this unit, it was worth the up charge. As a former professional Diesel mechanic I would recommend a BADBOY product for your shop AND it’s made in OHIO USA!

    Bruce Cascio
    South Salem, NY

  3. Darel Myers Elgin, II

    “I purchased a BB-1000-XL for my home shop as a birthday present to myself! I was a bit concerned ordering without seeing it, but not any more! BADBOY Blasters is a fantastic company with a ‘class of its own’ product. This thing rocks and lives up to the BADBOY name! This piece of equipment is one of the best values for the money I have ever seen. I am so glad I got it! It assembled perfectly, works flawlessly, and looks great! Fantastic product, exceptional value and would recommend to anyone looking for a quality blast cabinet! Not to mention, world-class customer service! Mark and Carla, hats off to you and the rest of the gang!”

    Darel Myers Elgin, II

  4. John Mahle

    “Just received delivery of my new BB-1000XLD! Mark Cain was kind enough to drop it off on his way through town yesterday. After delivering it, he stayed to help set it up. I very much appreciated the passion Mark has for his products. As we assembled the unit, Mark went over all the details with me to make sure we knew all the reasons he made many of the engineering changes not found in competitors’ units. To make this short, you will not find better people to work with. There is no gap from when you purchase a unit to customer service. the hands-on philosophy Mark teaches and follows himself is genuine. There will be no disappointments, and I will definitely do more business with BADBOY Blasters in the future.”
    -John Mahle

  5. Todd Droegemeyer

    “I don’t usually take the time to write a testimonial unless I am completely happy with something. I saved for months to buy a BB-1000-XLD and it is worth ever penny. I and several of my hot rod buddies can’t believe these unites can be sold for as little as they are. The quality is amazing and it blows away every single sand blaster I looked at. The snap-on tools cabinet is the only one that came close and it is three times the cost. Packaging is very nice and kept the units powder coating in perfect condition, even the way it is packaged looks like it’s from someone who cares about the product they make and sell. This is what “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” used to stand for and few companies build quality anymore. Like I said, I saved for months for this and I can tell you if you are considering one of these cabinets, buy with total confidence! You will not find a better blaster to spend your hard-earned money on. Thank you so much for the best cabinet money can buy.”
    -Todd Droegemeyer

  6. Douglas Fishel

    “The unit that I bought is not the one that I thought I needed. I listened to the salesman, and he said, “I don’t want to sell you something that you’re not happy with.” I bought what he suggested, and I am HAPPY. The unit came assembled and ready-to-work. These units have the accessories as standard equipment! Great company and great blaster.”
    -Douglas Fishel

  7. John Walzl

    I purchased the BB1050XLD and couldn’t be more pleased. It appears that every detail was well thought out and built for satisfaction. The light is bright and it is easy to operate. Thank you for building such a quality machine at a reasonable price.

  8. Eric Love (Lumberton, Texas)

    I just purchased and received my BB-1000XLD sandblast cabinet from Bad Boy Blasters. It arrived on time, professionally packaged and crated, and in excellent condition. To my surprise, alot of the more technical assembly inside the cabinet was already done for me (thank goodness), so there was very little setup required, and what assembly remained took no time at all to complete. To say I was please with the quality of this product would be an extreme understatement. The cabinet is solid, beefy, very high quality, and the setup and configuration is simply practical from a “use” perspective in every sense. I would also like to rate the personal experience I had with Mark Cain, the owner. He was both professional and eager to assist me throughout the process, including any questions I had. The following is a perfect example of Mark’s work ethic, and the level of support he extends to his customers. I worked late last night in my garage assembling this new cabinet, and I ran into a step that I needed technical assistance on to ensure I was assembling some fittings properly. (I am challenged when it comes to pressure fittings, etc). Although it was late last night (10:30 pm), I decided to text Mark to ask the question, so I could complete the assembly the following morning after he responded. Within minutes, Mark requested I call him so he could step me through the questions I had in order to complete the assembly. It doesn’t get any better than that. It is very rare these days when customer service rates just as high as the quality of the product received. Thank you Mark, a great experience indeed, and a cabinet I will enjoy for many years to come.

    Eric Love
    Lumberton, Texas

  9. Jay Pierce J & J pumps

    one of the best I have tried It works great no clogs . the rubber stops burn up fast and do not work great , But I never found one that did, except texas blasters ball valve ,and it clogs easy and their gun is 1/2 of this gun , and it is worth working with , thanks Bad boy

  10. T and T Press Restoration

    These gloves are the direct replacement for the OEM item. They work as advertised. We will buy these again and again.

  11. Jack Chrisman

    I purchased a cheaper blast cabinet and it worked pretty good. It came with a blast gun and it did ok, it just took me a long time to get anything done. After a year or two I found this blast gun. I called and talked with them and then I ordered it. This gun with clean sand will cut your work time in half. I can clean parts that used to take me 20 30 minutes, now 5 minutes. I just clean a few parts now and then, this gun works great, and compressor is running less time. If you do any blasting, do yourself a favor and order this item.

  12. Tony Franklin

    Is the bb1050led-BVR-PR-HV 110 or 220 volt
    Also does it come complete with sand canister ready to blast ?

  13. Tom Springer

    I am interested in the ABRASIVE MEDIA SAND BLASTER BB2248LED-BVR-PR-HV-FL. If you could please send me a formal quote for this unit with the center mounted hands free gun.
    Also would it be possible for you to recommend the size of air compressor that will keep up with this unit.

    Tom Springer

  14. Chris Johnson

    How much weight will the turntable support on the Model BB-4100LED-BVT-HD-TT? We have a part that is 39″ L x 26″ W x 32″ T and weighs 1050 pounds.

  15. Charlie

    Greetings, I need a new window for my BB-1000XLD. How do I know which window to order ?

    Please send me a link, so I get the correct window, Thank you.