A sand blasting machine, also called a media blaster by some, is the most effective way of cleaning surfaces and objects, like metals, concrete, glass, wood and even floors, to remove rust, paint, debris, and stubborn grime. Compressed air drives the media blaster which can contain different textured sands, nut shells, silica particles, or iron filings. BADBOY Blasters, Inc. is the leading company for the supply of many models of media blasters to suit any type of industries We offer you a collection of state-of-the-art machines from fixed to portable, plus a full collection of complementing accessories for them, including abrasives. Engineering workshops, auto body repairs and vehicle manufacturers all use sand blasting cabinets or media blaster equipment, which is an indispensable piece of equipment in this case. BADBOY Blasters, Inc. stocks the air compressors which drive the abrasive media by force against the material or object being cleaned or prepared, while vacuum pumps recycle the material being used in a closed loop system. Your media blaster is enclosed in a tough blast cabinet, with gloved apertures for your hands to allow you to work the nozzle blowing the abrasives over the object, while you can see what you are doing through a viewing panel. A media blaster does a similar job to what sand paper will do for cleaning a surface, but this means is far most cost-effective. The air pressure forcing sand against the surface is more interactive, and the result is a perfectly cleaned surface or metal, ready for coating or painting. Depending on the application and type of material being cleaned, some media blaster equipment will use water jets instead of compressed air to drive the abrasive materials, or alternatively, complement the air process to reduce the amount of dust during sand blasting. Find the latest state-of-the-art durable media blaster machines at Badboy Blaster, Inc., including spares and accessories from hoses to filters and gauges, to keep your machines in optimum condition. We have the full range of media in sands and other abrasive materials you need, at the best prices online. We further offer a service of custom making specific machines for our clients, though the wide range we already supply is generally more than sufficient for the most demanding applications. If you want assistance to choose a quality media blaster call us at the listed numbers, and get expert technical advice. When you have found the media blaster and complementing equipment you require, we can crate and ship it to your desired location nationwide. BADBOY Blasters, Inc. has a mission of top level customer services that you only find from a family-owned business, and we are dedicated to your full satisfaction related to anything concerning sandblasting machines. You have peace of mind of keeping your machine in top condition because we carry the full range of spares and accessories which can be conveniently ordered online whenever you need them for your media blaster.