32 Grit Aluminum Oxide BADBOY Blasters, Inc.



Medium 32 Grit

This media is shipped in a double-wall cardboard box enclosed in a .004 mil plastic, surrounded by a woven bag to ensure that the product doesn’t leak from the shipping box. This also prevents moisture damage to the media.


We have done alot of research in media quality and what we have found is most media will say 20/40, and when we did a test, the media was actually from 10 to 100 in media size. This causes a different cut with each change of new media. If you have a process like preparation for bonding each change of media will change the results. Our media will be in the 40/60 size range consistant or send it back for a refund. We have found the is a lot of cheap media in the blasting market.

  • Aluminum Oxide abrasives are fast-cutting, low-dusting, and tough enough to get the job done
  • An aggressive, abrasive but leaves a nice finish
  • BADBOY Blasters Aluminum Oxide abrasive is for general purpose repair or maintenance blasting.
  • Perfect abrasive for paint and/or rust removal. This product hold it’s cutting edge for long blasting life. In a cabinet blaster, it can be recycled for many hours of blasting. Plus, having very low dust from abrasive making it easier on cabinet blaster air filtration
  • Brown in color
  • Hard, angular particles
  • Uniform density
  • Silica free


  Aluminium oxide BADBOY Blasters, Inc. is used for its hardness and strength. It is widely used as an abrasive, including as a much less expensive substitute for industrial diamond. Many types of sandpaper use aluminium oxide crystals. In addition, its low heat retention and low specific heat make it widely used in grinding operations, particularly cutoff tools. As the powdery abrasive mineral aloxite, it is a major component, along with silica, of the cue tip "chalk" used in billiards. Aluminium oxide BADBOY Blasters, Inc.  powder is used in some CD/DVD polishing and scratch-repair kits. Its polishing qualities are also behind its use in toothpaste. Aluminum Oxide BADBOY Blasters, Inc. can be grown as a coating on aluminium by anodising or by plasma electrolytic oxidation (see the "Properties" above). Both its strength and abrasive characteristics originate from the high hardness (9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness) of aluminium oxide

Aluminum oxide is used as catalyst for the decomposition of hydrazine in Chemical-reaction Monopropellant rockets.[clarification needed][citation needed]


In lighting, transparent aluminium oxide is used in some sodium vapor lamps.[21] Aluminium oxide is also used in preparation of coating suspensions in compact fluorescent lamps.


In chemistry laboratories, aluminium oxide is a medium for chromatography, available in basic (pH 9.5), acidic (pH 4.5 when in water) and neutral formulations.


Health and medical applications include it as a material in hip replacements.[6]


As well, it is used as a dosimeter for radiation protection and therapy applications for its optically stimulated luminescence properties.[citation needed]


Aluminium oxide is an electrical insulator used as a substrate (silicon on sapphire) for integrated circuits but also as a tunnel barrier for the fabrication of superconducting devices such as single electron transistors and superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs).


Insulation for high-temperature furnaces is often manufactured from aluminium oxide. Sometimes the insulation has varying percentages of silica depending on the temperature rating of the material. The insulation can be made in blanket, board, brick and loose fiber forms for various application requirements.


Small pieces of aluminium oxide are often used as boiling chips in chemistry.


It is also used to make spark plug insulators.


Using a plasma spray process and mixed with titania, it is coated onto the braking surface of some bicycle rims to provide abrasion and wear resistance.[citation needed]


Most ceramic eyes on fishing rods are circular rings made from aluminum oxide.[citation needed]


   As a safety precaution please remember that Silica Sand Abrasive Media can be fatal if inhaled. Please consider this factor prior to using that type of media. Always wear protective breathing equipment when sandblasting.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in