DC4000 Dust Collector with FILTER


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Need big airflow? Want improved visibility? Look no further. This sandblaster dust collector maintains 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. Visibility is easily improved! Welded steel makes it extremely stable. The DC-4000 comes with a six foot hose to connect directly to the cabinet. Therefore, physical placement of the unit is more convenient. Additionally, this adds flexibility to the overall footprint of your work environment. Finally, configure the DC-4000 with an 5″ hose or 2.25″ hose depending on your cabinet. We can help with that decision.

Sand Blasting Dust Collector Systems
A Cyclone sandblaster dust collector improves the visibility inside an abrasive blast cabinet. Impaired vision during abrasive blasting leads to damage on part surfaces. Add a DC-4000 to your system and improve your ability to view the workspace! The powerful motor turns a huge impeller, creating an enormous amount of airflow. As a result, the system efficiently removes dust, debris, and worn media inside the cabinet during blasting. That means you can see what you are doing.

Abrasive Sand Blast Dust Extractor
A sand blast dust extractor and a sandblaster dust collector are the same thing. The basic concept is a device that attaches via a hose to a cabinet. Once switched on, the unit begins drawing air, media, and debris from inside the cabinet. The filter in the unit captures the debris and particles within the cabinet. Like any tool, regular maintenance is advised. However, it is simple and consists of ensuring the large cartridge filter is cleaned as needed.

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.005 Micron Filtration