Sandblasting Soda Blasting Cabinet BB8500XLD-BVT


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Model BB-8500XLD-BVT


  • 48in x 74in work area
  • 50in working height
  • Twin front doors for complete frontal access on each side
  • 48in side-loading door
  • Complete side access through doors on both ends of the cabinet
  • Four foot-controlled blasting guns (easy on the hands, no trigger to squeeze)
  • Powder coat inside and out for long-lasting color
  • Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves
  • Perforated steel flooring-abrasive large particle-separating screen and clean-out door
  • Extra rugged, heavy-duty production foot valve assembly
  • Built to last with heavy steel housing and high-production brass flow valve
  • Four air regulators/gauge panels
  • Internal fluorescent lighting system
  • Self-contained twin vacuum systems with filters
  • Shipping weight 1300lbs
  • Available in RED or BLUE
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Sandblasting Soda Blasting Cabinet BB8500XLD-BVT

This design now has four air blow-off guns to remove the dust and media from the blasted piece before removing.  With a twin set of gloves on either side of the cabinet, once a piece is load for blasting there is no need to move until completed. We built this cabinet with an 8 fluorescent bulb design for superior lighting.  Being in the designing end of sandblasters for years and reviewing the products available on the market today, we created and designed a perfect blasting cabinet, keeping you in mind throughout the entire process.  Our cabinet is built with extreme durability, is very user-friendly, has easy access, and is an attractive looking unit that simply gets the job done right.  Our thought process was that if you are spending any amount of money on a piece of equipment, then you not only want it constructed well, but, you also want it to be equipped with the best of everything.  The floor construction is a 14 gauge plate of steel with hundreds of .080 holes.  The floor is designed with a built-in screen for filtering oversized particles from the media during the blasting process.  This prevents plug-ups, allowing only good media to return to the storage hopper.  The oversized item can be swept out after being separated, unlike the typical chicken wire used by the competition.  There is not a blaster like this on the market.  This model has a 285CFM twin dust bag collector.  At the bottom of the system there is a place where any and all of the solid abrasive is pulled automatically into the system and is stored.  This machine has a spring loaded cover to remove the solids once you have completed your task.  Once you have done so, simply place it back into the cabinet's abrasive hopper. 

Your blast cabinet needs are now answered!

Blast cabinet is an abrasive blasting method used to remove deposits of surfaces without causing damage to the original surfaces. Generally, a blast cabinet is used as a means to remove calcium buildup from pool tiles or fungus deposits and it can also be used as a means to brighten grout which has faded, due to a build up of dirt or contaminants. In addition, bead blasting can be used as a means to clean pools and is used by many auto body shops as a way to remove old paint from a motor vehicle. The BADBOY Blasters website will give the online shoppers a chance to find a custom building bead blast cabinet, or any other type of abrasive blasting cabinet, such as a cabinet to house hydro blasting equipment, wheel blasting or micro-abrasive blasting equipment. Since the bead blast cabinet is custom designed, our company can take the bead blast requirements of our customers and create a cabinet that will enhance bead blasting. Other than the bead blast cabinet, the online shopper can find several other abrasive blasting equipment and accessories, such as abrasive blasting media, as well as replacement parts for blasters. Common features of the bead blast cabinet include 14 gauge steel legs, an internal florescent lighting system and a durable and long-lasting foot valve assembly and twin air regulators or gauge panels. BADBOY Blasters is a family-owned company and we are committed to offering our customers access to the best bead blast cabinet on the market, along with the expert technical advice and after-sales support. Buyers who are eager to purchase the bead blast cabinet will be more than impressed by the huge range of blasters and custom built cabinets as well as our dental and jewelry blasters, vacuum blasters, and the blasting media and abrasives. Abrasive blast, such as bead blasting, is the use of a force that will propel the abrasive material, which in the case of bead blasting is glass beads, at a particular surface. Even though bead blasting is used as a means to remove calcium build up or paint, blasting can be used to smooth a surface or roughen a surface. Other abrasive blast methods, such as sandblasting, are used as a means to etch images onto glass. Our range of bead blast cabinets can be seen on our website and because we custom build the bead blast cabinets, our online shoppers can be assured of finding a bead blast cabinet which can best meet their needs.

Abrasive blasting is not new, and in fact, abrasive blasting was performed more than one hundred years ago in 1870. Like the bead blast cabinet, the blasting media is a major part of blasting and BADBOY Blasters stocks the glass beads, which is used in bead blasting, and aluminum oxide, which is the media which is used for general purpose repair or maintenance blasting, as well as the abrasive blast media, which is the media used to remove paint and rust. Feel free to learn more about the bead blast cabinet built by BADBOY Blasters via our website,

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